Super Simple Cereal

Here is a breakdown of Niall’s daily pre-training breakfast that easily keeps him going until lunch. Check it out…

Homemade Hummus

Hummus is one of those snacks that everyone tends to love, but do you have any idea how easy it is to make? Read on for our favourite, super simple recipe.

Life With Eczema

If you live with eczema, you will know that at it’s worst it can become unbearable and take a massive toll on your confidence, sleep, mood and in extreme cases, even your ability to function and complete the simplest of tasks. I wanted to share my own history with this condition and some of the things that have helped (and hindered) me. Read on to find out more…

Latest Research on Cholesterol

Here is a look at the latest research into cholesterol; the causes, types and cures by four of my favourite doctors; Dr Mark Hyman, Dr Joseph Mercola & Dr David Perlmutter.

Happy New Year from Niall Fitness

A very happy new year to everyone! Here are some tips from us for a happy and healthy year ahead, plus an update on what we have been up during the festive season.

From ‘Dad Bod’ to Fab Bod: 10 Weeks On

With life continuing to be far from normal this year, there have been some unforeseen challenges for all of us. One of which has been maintaining a fitness routine and staying in shape. My aim as a trainer is to help motivate my clients to keep them on the right path and in order to do that, I need to look after myself as best I can, whilst juggling a home life and parental responsibilities. Read on to find out more…