Take a look at the excellent feedback from our clients and what has been
achieved working together on their health and fitness.

A lady seeking advice about better nutrition.

Before I met Niall, because of my busy life-style, I used to eat lots of processed food for convenience. Niall advised of the health issues that arise from not eating properly. Plus simple things like whole milk being better than skimmed, benefits of certain foods with pro-biotics, etc. etc. For the last few weeks, I have adhered to his dietry advice and am starting to feel much healthier. He has since persuaded me to also stop smoking. I am on day 3 and he is supporting me when I get "weak" moments. He is very passionate about what he preaches and this is only part of his training schedule which is mainly as a Personal Trainer. I intend to also participate in this at some time in the near future.

Lyn McQueene

A local freelance masseuse who wanted to start her days with a workout.

Niall has given me personal training sessions over the past few weeks to give me a much needed boost back in to exercise and it’s worked! He is fantastic with his advice, exercise techniques and ensuring you’re doing the right amount of work depending on your circumstances. A lovely guy, fun, professional, knowledgeable and a good bloke!

Louise Wild

This client totally tranformed, keeping to a new diet, mindset and immense work ethic and is now modelling.

Couldn’t recommend Niall enough, paved the way for me and my fitness lifestyle! Down to earth, friendly and great understanding with people which got the best out of me starting my fitness journey.

Ronan Kilkelly

A young software designer who developed a passion for boxing and overall fitness..

When I decided to change my lifestyle I had no idea where to start, Niall was the first person I called. He cleared up all the B.S you hear when trying to get fit and put me on a plan that was easy to follow and fuelled my new passion for fitness. I lost weight and gained muscle mass, this is the fittest I have ever been in my entire life. If like me you are not into sports or never had an interest in active hobbies but wish to get healthier, Niall is the way to go. All my physical achievements to date are thanks to Niall. Wish you all the best in London.

Enda Brody

Paratrooper who trained with me to pass his fitness test.

I can't recommend Niall enough. I spent several months training with him, with the aim of becoming fit for the Military. He trained with me 2 - 3 days a week and orchestrated my change from an unfit 100kg rugby player into an 80kg long distance runner. But aside from the physical training, Niall was a tremendous source of nutritional knowledge, a great support in terms of mental preparation and above all a fantastic motivator as he ran with me. I definitely suggest him to anyone, but especially those hoping to join the military looking for a fitness coach, as they get more than just a physical trainer, he will become a friend.

Jason Harney

A client who showed great determination in losing weight and pushed for great results

Niall's classes are excellent, you are taught correct form and always pushed to achieve your best based on your ability. Fun fitness with definite results.

Catherine Jordan