Happy New Year from Niall Fitness

A very happy new year to everyone! Here are some tips from us for a happy and healthy year ahead, plus an update on what we have been up during the festive season.

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Happy New Year, everyone!

With health at the top of our agenda more than ever in these uncertain times, I have never felt such a strong responsibility and obligation to promote health and bring the knowledge and experience from my career in the health and fitness industry, to others. A real issue which is coming to light as the lockdowns come and go, and life gets more unpredictable and unstable, is that our mental health is really being put to the test. In many cases, physical fitness is proven to improve mental health no end, and the two are so closely related that I would strongly recommend and urge everyone to consider taking their exercise into consideration as a number one priority in order to improve our very understandable anxiety, stress levels and depression. 

Exercise, fresh air, getting moving, and maintaining strong relationships and communication with those close to us are some of the simple tips our elders will always recommend for a good long life. Get out of the house for a jog or just a walk, do some pushups or situps when your waiting for dinner to cook, bath to run or are on hold on the phone. 

Eat well! (See some of our delicious and easy recipes on the blog!) Cut back on the alcohol and sugar. Introduce real butter back into your diet and cover your veggies in it, with a little salt.

Spend the money you save by cutting out the bad stuff on a trainer once a week. A good trainer will save you money in the long run and make you feel ten times better inside and out. As a result of consistent exercise, you will sleep better, wake up energised, look better, feel more positive and most crucially at this time, be more resilient against bugs, illnesses and viruses.

Happy New Year. May you and your loved ones be safe and well throughout the year ahead. 

Love to all,


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