About Me

Before moving to London last year, I had been personal training in Ireland for over ten years. My ever-increasing clientele have consisted of everyone from…
Personal Training and Group Fitness Training
  • New mothers wanting to get back into their skinny jeans
  • Paratroopers and police trainees preparing for their physical examinations
  • Sports teams training for the next championship
  • Elderly battling illness and opting for a healthier lifestyle
  • People in high-pressured careers who need a stress-reliever
  • Teenagers aspiring to lose weight, improve confidence and improve their sporting ability

…and so many more!

Niall O'Boyle Personal Trainer

Over the years, I have adapted my intensive Navy SEAL training to help each individual reach their personal fitness goals.

In addition to training, I can also offer the option of perfected meal and nutritional advice to your plan, getting you on the right path more effectively.

…Whoever you are and whatever shape you are in, I can guarantee that with determination and my complete support and encouragement, you will 100% see results.

Let’s get started with your tailor-
made plan…Contact Me