If you live with eczema, you will know that at it's worst it can become unbearable and take a massive toll on your confidence, sleep, mood and in extreme cases, even your ability to function and complete the simplest of tasks. I wanted to share my own history with this condition and some of the things that have helped (and hindered) me. Read on to find out more...

Life with eczema.

I have suffered severely with eczema since I was a baby and spent my whole life trying to find a cure. I have had years when it has been less intense, and others (in particular both my pregnancies) where it became completely out of control. In fact, shortly after having my daughter in 2018, I was hospitalised after a very serious allergic reaction which left me unable to move or even open my eyes. I was attached to a drip and pumped with steroids which I was then prescribed and kept on for 2 weeks until my skin went back to normal. Days later my husband surprised me with a quick trip to the sun for the three of us in order to relax and recoup, but more importantly get some well-needed sun. I had never before understood the importance of sunshine until then and soon realised that my eczema pattern was loosely inkeeping with the time of year, being at it’s absolute worst in the winter. Not only was the lack of sun causing my skin to suffer, but the central heating and a less healthy winter diet were also to blame. Over the passed two years I have definitely made more of an effort to eliminate the triggers; I no longer eat wheat or dairy, I avoid sugar when possible, I keep my carbohydrate intake to a minimum and yet I still seem to suffer with bad inflammation, particularly in the winter. 

The important thing to bear in mind with eczema is that it is the result of damage within the body-something I wasnt fully aware of for a long time. So if there is something bothering your gut, the chances are it will show on your skin soon enough. This why creams, no matter what they claim, will NEVER heal your skin permanently, and many will wear off within minutes leaving your skin once again dry and itchy. Steroids might initially cause a huge improvement and leave you feeling miles better, but these aren’t without their side effects as I have found out the hard way. After being completely desperate for help I went to speak to a doctor who prescribed me with steroid tablets called Prednisolone. It was like a miracle worker and my skin went from head to toe sores that made my life hell, to clear, beautiful skin in just a few days! I hadn’t felt so confident in years and genuinely experienced a new lease of life. I was able to wear makeup and perfume again, and didn’t have to worry about what fabrics I wore, washing up with rubber gloves or even what I ate for the first time ever! However the elation was short-lived when after a while the effects wore off and during a recent consultation with a dermatologist I was advised that a bone scan was now urgently needed as this steroid, although extremely effective, can cause severe bone thinning, especially after a lengthy course. I am yet to be contacted about my scan but will update with the results.

The only options I would ever even consider now unless it was an emergency are steroid-free alternatives. The first of which is fasting. Although fasts take longer to show an improvement and sometimes take one or two tries, THEY DO WORK! And the wonderful thing about them is they don’t cost anything and don’t have any dangerous side effects (aside from a bit of hangriness from time to time! Please watch my video diary to see exactly how fasting helped me within a matter of days.


Another thing I am now trying is Light Therapy at hospital. I had my first session this morning and will be documenting the results as and when; I will therefore be adding to this blog as the weeks go on to show how I get on. 

I really hope this blog will be helpful to any fellow-sufferers. Please share your own stories and any tips that might help someone else! Let’s hope that one day there will be a cure for all of us.

-Anna x

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