My Military Memories: Pt 2 – A Letter Home

Whilst doing some sorting in the house, we came across a letter I sent home during my time in the SEAL’s. As I am regularly asked about my time there, I thought this might be of some interest. Here’s the proof that I was motivating people to exercise before I was getting paid for it!

Instagram Q&A

A few weeks ago we hosted a Q&A on our Instagram page. Please enjoy our responses and as always contact us anytime for more advice! Thank you

The Perfect Autumn Broth

This broth is perfect for this time of year. It is super simple, seriously healthy and smells and tastes delicious. Read on for the recipe…

Niall’s Military Memories

Looking back on my husband’s time in the Navy SEAL’s with the help of our Instagram followers’ questions. I hope you all enjoy this blog as much as we enjoyed creating it as it is a topic very close to Niall’s heart. Thank you!

Avoiding Artificial Lighting

LED lighting has become an energy-saving way of lighting inside and outside our homes, but at what cost to our eyesight?

From ‘Dad Bod’ to Fab Bod: Part 1

How I went from ‘Dad Bod’ to Fab Bod and the mindset, focus, motivation, consistency, method and support that made it possible for me to achieve what I wanted…

Keep Milk Full Fat and A2

How long have we been pointed towards semi-skimmed milk due to it’s reduced fat content? However after more research, it seems that this was incorrect advice! Read on to find out more…

Natural Antibiotics

Natural antibiotics are a food that can be used to control some of the bacteria in our gut that has a negative effect on our health. Read on to find out what they are and why they are crucial to our overall health…

An Introduction on Lectins (Food to avoid!)

There are foods that are good for us, foods that are poinsonous and then there are foods in between, which (if prepared correctly) can actually be perfectly safe to consume. Read on to find out more…

Breakfast Yoghurt

A delicious breakfast that is also bursting with healthy ingredients to give you the best start to your day…