Keep Milk Full Fat and A2

How long have we been pointed towards semi-skimmed milk due to it's reduced fat content? However after more research, it seems that this was incorrect advice! Read on to find out more...

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An Intro

If you are finding that you are allegic to dairy, or that you may be intolerant, give A2 milk a try and see if it improves your symptoms.

What is A2 milk?

Northen European cows make a protein in their milk called Casein A-1 instead of the normal Casein A-2. When we drink this the Casein A-1 is turned into a lectin-like protein (poison) called beta-casomorphin. This protein attaches to the pancreas’ insulin-producing cells, known as beta-cells, which starts an immune attack on the pancreas of people who drink milk or eat cheese from these cows. This is likely a primary cause of type 1 diabetes. Southern European cows, goats and sheep produce Casein A-2 milk which is more agreeable to our digestion.

Why are A-1 cows more commonly used if their milk is harmful?

Casein A-1 cows are hardier and produce more milk so farmers prefer them. The most common breed of cow in the world is the Holstein, whose milk contains this problematic protein. If you have an issue with drinking cow’s milk, it is almost certainly the breed of cow that is at fault, not the milk.

Where can I find A-2 milk?

The Guernsey, Brown Swiss and Belgian Blue are all Casein A-2. If you consume dairy, always opt for A-2 dairy products, which are on sale now in most supermarkets.

Alternatively you can use goat’s or sheep’s milk.

So try changing to to A-2 today and see if you can notice any difference. Please feel free to share any success stories/ comments and feedback about this on Instagram, Facebook or in the comments section below.

For more information

Please refer to Plant Paradox by Steven Gundry, MD.

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