From ‘Dad Bod’ to Fab Bod: Part 1

How I went from 'Dad Bod' to Fab Bod and the mindset, focus, motivation, consistency, method and support that made it possible for me to achieve what I wanted...


Niall O'Boyle before and after

An Introduction:

It is probably a wide-spread assumption that people who train their bodies as part of their job stay in shape no matter what. Let me assure you this isn’t the case. A few months ago I became loose, overweight and lethargic. I had to make a conscious effort to turn that around, get back to tight and toned and on my journey, there were methods and little techniques that made it possible. I mean everybody wants to be tight and toned, right? But having the right environment, proper support and correct techniques in order for it to become a reality are so important (if not essential) to reaching your goal. There is nothing like seeing results to keep your motivation super-fueled and just make you feel better than anything. But to see these results you have to be cut throat….you have to go all in. It’s the only way! 


Reasons For Getting Out Of Shape:

I don’t like to make excuses, but (as it does with everyone from time to time) my life took on a chaotic nature for quite a while! I was getting married and moving country. Soon after that we were new parents to one…and then a second baby! We then moved house for the second time. It goes without saying there was a lot of readjustment to be made; a lack of routine, an inability at times to prioritise my needs over my families’, exhaustion, general inconsistency of income as we started our business from scratch and, most importantly, a loss of independence and direction. With all these things came a temporary loss of focus. This became a slippery slope because gaining weight as a result meant that my self-confidence and self-motivation also suffered! In conclusion, I was making mistakes, becoming lazy and ultimately losing control.


Breakthrough & Motivation:

Back in early July of this year I was invited to a party at a client’s house, which was taking place five weeks from then. I realised that going in my present physical condition wasn’t going to be acceptable with both present and potential clients attending. As has always been the case in my profession as a personal trainer I am my own advertisement, and for that reason I needed to pull my socks up and devise a plan. I spoke to my wife and together we cleaned out the cupboards and set a new food regime in place. Despite the fact that the meals were in fact very enjoyable, we agreed to include a cheat day once every 10 days in order to create some balance. Ultimately the goal was to rediscover the six pack! This gathering was exactly the push I had needed.



For fifteen years I have been searching for a diet that is tasty, fills you up and gets good results; that fuels your energy and is a healthy route to weight loss. One that is sustainable and doesn’t make you want to give up! It has taken me this long to develop a meal plan that ticks all the boxes. It is strict in that there are certain foods you only eat on a cheat day (but that’s what the cheat day is for!) The one thing that has been a little trick up my sleeve is the Godsend that is kombucha, which acts as a welcome replacement for a refreshing cold cider!


The Result:

Over the course of two months, a strict meal plan and regular exercise I transformed myself from being overweight, uninspired and lazy to determined, proud and confident. I wanted to get a tan and a haircut and I wasn’t worried about taking my t-shirt off in the heat. I recieved compliments from my family and colleagues, I had the energy to keep up with my curious and adventurous toddler. Having had my wife by my side throughout, we were able to experience the perks together which resulted in a better-functioning and happier household. Early starts were enjoyable again and we were able to stay up in the evenings and spend time together once the kids were in bed. Literally every element of life seemed to improve and it was all thanks to taking accountability and making drastic changes. To ultimatley be able to set an example and practise what I have always preached.


Now that you know my story, let me help you achieve your goal. It’s never too late to try something new and it could easily be the beginning of a better, happier, healthier life. Contact me for more details.


– Niall.


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