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Q&A : With Niall Fitness.

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1) What is your favourite thing about personal training?

I love helping people and seeing their progression. The great thing about getting in shape is it genuinely improves every aspect of their life; career, energy, attitude and confidence.


2) How long have you been a personal trainer?

Over 15 years now.


3) Do you honestly enjoy 5am starts?

In the summer, yes in the winter, no. In the summer I can watch the sunrise and in the winter it’s complete darkness! There’s a perfect balance there. Summer mornings make up for the winter ones.


4) What has been your biggest challenge as a trainer?

The ups and downs that comes with people’s lives and how to work with it. In the bad times it can be hard to believe it will get better. It can cause people to completely lose focus and that can be hard to fix. It is also difficult to see your clients’ lose their momentum when they are facing challenges in life.


5) If you weren’t a P.T, what would you like to be doing?

If I wasn’t a personal trainer I would probably be a swimming coach. But if it had nothing to do with health and fitness I probably would have liked to work with animals in some way or gardening. I would have had to work outdoors anyway!


6) What is your favourite ‘naughty; food?

Apple pie and icecream!


7) How come you’re a nutrition expert? 

I gained a certification from University of Limerick in 2005 as well as a certification in Sports Nutrition from SCW Fitness Education in 2009. I follow the latest research and studies from scientifc and medical journals and publications. Most importantly, my own passion for nutrition has come from improving my own ailments i.e inflammation (eczema). I wanted to learn how to fuel the body as efficiently as possible in order to best compliment training. However I still wouldn’t consider myself an expert in the field; my knowledge on nutrition is constantly evolving and I am far from having all the answers just yet!


8) When is the best time of year to start training?

There isn’t one. As soon as you want to change, do something about it there and then.


9) Do you find it harder to dedicate your time to training now that you have children?

No, because I have a brilliant wife! When we had our second child, I missed my alarm twice after being up all night and that was frutrating. But now we have a system that works great and means that we implement shift work when necessary.


10) What is the best piece of advice you have gained in your career?

What is hard initially makes you better long term.


11) What does Niall Fitness do to help the community as well as it’s clients?

I’m a member of The Rotary which is a fantastic international organisation and one I am very proud to be a part of. They work to raise funds in times of crisis and for those who need it most in the community. In Ireland I would regularly take part in fundraisers such as marathons and triatholons in order to raise money for charities. I also worked closely with local sports teams whenever possible.

To find out more about the amazing work that The Rotary is involved with, and to learn more about becoming a member, visit The Rotary Club website here.


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