Sensible Sun Exposure (Vitamin D)

Sunlight fuels life. Here is some information on how to utilise the Sun's immense power.

sensible sun exposure

Much like solar panels our bodies use sunlight to create energy. One of the benefits of sensible sun exposure is the production of vitamin D, which is more than just a vitamin, it acts as a steroid in the body strengthening everything from our hair to our immunity. 

There are two types of ultraviolet light (UV light); UVA and UVB.


UVB promotes vitamin D production and is most available between the hours of 10am and 4pm (when the sun is the highest). This process is optimised in the presence of sufficient Omega 3 (specifically DHA) in our cells and can be obtained through our diet.

What is DHA?

Up to 70% of our brain matter is made up of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid). It makes up the cell membranes in our brain and is therefore an extremely important element of our overall brain health. It is sourced from Omega 3 which is found mostly in flaxseed, grass fed meats, wild cold-water fish (fish oils), free-range eggs and free-range dairy to name a few. Interestingly the richest source of DHA is human breastmilk.

For more information on the enormous health benefits of sensible sun exposure, head over to Dr Joseph Mercola’s ‘Fat For Fuel’.

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