Omega 3 Part 1: Turning Off Our Hunger.

This week we will be addressing the benefits of Omega 3 in relation to weightloss. Put in the simplest terms, fish oil causes us to feel less hungry which leads to us eating less. Here's the science behind it...

turning off our hunger

As you have no doubt heard a thousand times, animal fat (saturated) when used regularly in our diet will lead to us putting on weight; The LPS’s (Lypopolysaccharides) which are the harmful molecules, are carried through your gut wall and cause inflammation. Steven R. Gundry, MD says ‘They are directly transported to the hunger center in your brain , the hypothalmus. There the resulting inflammation in your brain sparks your hunger’.

It is important to note, for anyone adopting a ketogenic or Paleo diet, that this is the case with all saturated (meat) fat. Fish oil has the complete opposite effect on our brain and therefore our waistline, ‘actually sending signals to the brain that help you modrate your food intake’.

Not only does fish oil reduce our hunger leading to weightloss, it also reduces the inflammation caused by saturated fat. Mark Hyman, MD says ‘When you have enough Omega-3 fats in your diet, the effect of saturated fat on your cholestrol [and inflammation] is either neutral or beneficial’. He goes on to explain that only in the ‘case of Omega-3 deficiency…do saturated fats cause a problem’./

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