“The Surprising Benefits of Fasting”

Fasting is a great way to promote fat loss, up-regulate efficiency of energy production, boost immunity and slow the rate of ageing. 'Fat For Fuel' by Dr Mercola addresses these fascinating benefits in more detail.

fasting health benefits

Dr Mercola is a strong advocate for fasting, which is gradually becoming a widely tried and tested process for combatting weight loss, aiding fast health improvement and more.

The benefits he discusses include:

  1. Boosting of fat burning
  2. Boosting of immunity
  3. Reduction of levels of hormones thought to promote cancer
  4. Reduction of the rate of ageing
  5. Protection of brain function
  6. Clearing out of damaged cells
  7. Lessening hunger
  8. Stabalisation of blood sugar
  9. Lowered insulin levels
  10. Improved insulin resistance
  11. Increased metabolic rate
  12. Production of keytones.

(Mercola, Joseph; Fat for Fuel, (p.216-p.220)

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