A Snippet into Current Research Around Dementia.

Dementia is an illness that has personally affected my family; the prevention or slowing down of it has therefore become a topic of great interest to me. Read on to find out why Alzheimer's is now being called 'type 3 diabetes' and what research is currently being done, some of it may surprise you...


Seeing our loved ones’ minds decline is heartbreaking. We would all do anything we could to ensure that this disease is lessened if not initially completely eradicated. It is an inflammatory condition that can in fact be managed to some extent by change in environment and diet, not just medication!

Experts say that a low fat diet has been ‘associated with dementia and high fat diets are shown to prevent it.’ Therefore ketogenic and Paleo are just some of the examples of diets that best suit the natural treatment of this condition.

The advice from experts is to consider the following in order to effectively treat dementia:

  • High fat and oils (eg-pecan, almond and macadamia nuts, ghee, coconut, avocado, flaxseed, olives, Omega-3 fish, etc)
  • Low carb
  • Low sugar
  • Low grain.

‘After $2 Billion of research and 243 studies over the last few decades…none have shown this level of success’ – Dr Mark Hyman on Dale Bredesen’s ‘Reversal of Cognitive Decline: A Novel Therapeutic Program’.

‘There is an abundance of research showing that carbs cause brain ageing and fat prevents it’ – Dr Mark Hyman on Dr Perlmutter’s ‘Grain Brain’

Dr Mark Hyman, MD.

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