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Providing tailored fitness training programmes for individuals in Teddington and local area.

Personal Training, Health and Wellbeing

  • Personalised meal plans
  • Tailor-made fitness training routines
  • Pre-training fitness level analysis
  • A personal trainer with over 10 years experience
  • Teddington locations for all personal training

More and more of us across the UK are prioritising our wellbeing and finding that the effects of appropriate exercise and healthy eating leave us feeling on a high. As such, health, nutrition and fitness have perhaps never been more on trend than they are right now as they are heralded as key to living a happy lifestyle.

Whether you are inspired by this uptake or are simply intrigued and looking for guidance, Niall Fitness is a personal trainer service in Teddington that can help. As a personal trainer, Niall Fitness works with you, Teddington clients, on nutritional and fitness plans that work for you, whoever you are and whatever your goal.


Personal Training for everyone

At Niall Fitness in Teddington, there is no such thing as an ideal client because I love to work to work with anyone and everyone to help them reach their personal training goals.

My 10 years of experience as a personal trainer mean I have been lucky enough to work with a huge range of people and thus also, helped them to achieve a range of goals, each specific to them.

The range of people I work with is part of what keeps the job so exciting.

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Personal Fitness Clients I have helped

  • New mother
  • Sports teams training to be the best
  • Paratroopers and police training for exams
  • People in need of a stress-reliever
  • Teenagers wanting to boost their confidence or sporting ability
  • Elderly people looking to stay fit and healthy and those battling illness

As a local personal trainer in Teddington, I look forward to working with everyone who has a desire to improve their wellbeing. In order to best meet your needs, I always find it helpful that we get to know each other by talking over the phone or meeting for a coffee. Together we can create a personal training plan that is perfect for you, taking into consideration who you are and what you want to achieve.

How Niall Fitness Teddington can help you

The personal training service provided in Teddington is always bespoke to the client and tailored around their needs.

No two clients have the same plan as everyone is different.

However, my 10 years of experience equip me with the know-how to help everyone, regardless of their background, current fitness levels and knowledge.

Whether you opt for one-on-one personal training or group sessions, my services are bespoke and tailor made for each individual.

Together we can improve:

  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Ability (sporting, flexibility etc)
  • Stress levels
  • Energy and metabolism
  • Muscle size and tone
  • Mental and physical health

…and much more

Why choose Niall Fitness for personal training in Teddington?

  • 10 years-experience in personal training giving knowledge and understanding of a range of techniques and client needs
  • Experience in intensive Navy SEAL training which has been adapted to help each individual with their own fitness goals
  • Nutritional and perfected meal advice specific to you and to accompany your fitness goals
  • Experience with a range of clientele from paratroopers and police to new mothers
  • A supportive and encouraging personal trainer who is with you every step of the way
  • Guaranteed to see results with your determination
  • Tailored, individual programme based on your needs

Great locations for:

Personal Training in Teddington

Radnor Gardens near Teddington:

One of my favourite places in London. Little park cupped by the river. Close to Twickenham and Teddington.  Quaint Park with a children’s playground for the kids and some workout machines for the adults.

Teddington Lock:

A stunning area along the Thames in Teddington.  Perfect for running ,walking, jogging as well as toning. It is beautiful at all times of the year.

Bushy Park:

Similar to Richmond Park, this large area of land offers everything from gardens, wildlife, inclines, lakes and ponds, cafes, car parks and open grassy areas. It is located on the border of southwest London and Surrey and therefore can be accessed from various locations.

Niall - Personal Trainer Teddington

Teddington business man and supporter of local Teddington entrepreneurs shared...​

If you are in the Teddington area, there is only one personal trainer, and that’s the excellent Niall P O’Boyle.

Niall is not only a personal trainer, but a nutritionist too, so he not only gets you fit, but will advise you on what, or what not, to eat and drink.

Do get in touch with him, as you will not be disappointed!

Paul Smith

With my personal training knowledge and your determination, we can meet and even exceed your wellbeing goals.

Read more testimonials to see how I helped my clients to succeed in achieving their health and fitness goals.