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Niall Fitness is an experienced personal trainer offering a range of bespoke personal training services to clients in Richmond and beyond.


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There’s no better time to begin to pave your path to better wellbeing than right now. You don’t need to be a gym-enthusiast to get stuck in and benefit from personal training. With Niall Fitness, personal training is for everyone. Regardless of your ability, experience or knowledge of health and wellbeing, I will be with you every step of the way to guide you to your fitness goals. Let’s work together to improve your wellbeing and lifestyle.

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The benefits of personal training

With an influx of health, nutrition and fitness trends taking over online spaces, more and more people are taking an interest in improving their wellbeing. However, the first step is to express an interest, but making a commitment to your wellbeing is harder to do. Personal trainers are here to ensure your fitness and nutrition aspirations are suited to you, attainable and of course, to encourage you along the way.

Some of the benefits of personal training include

  • Set realistic goals
  • Avoid injuries
  • Establish exercise habits for life
  • Work through dips in motivation and maintain progress
  • Improve ability by training the right way
  • Improve muscle size and muscle tone
  • Increased confidence
  • Overall better mental and physical wellbeing
  • Help with your unique requirements
  • They challenge you, hold you accountable and support you to be your best

There are so many benefits to training with a personal trainer. A personal trainer can work closely with you to understand your goals and your challenges, they will educate you regarding fitness and how to get the best results and they will encourage you at every step.

Great locations for:

Personal Training in Richmond

Terrace Gardens Richmond:

A stunning stepped garden on the side of Richmond Hill which overlooks the river Thames in Richmond.( It’s natural ascension on the hill allows for an extra rigorous training experience.(optional)

Richmond Riverside:

Training along Richmond Riverside is a location that has so much to offer. The path along the river allows for walking, jogging & running as well as small private areas to engage in some toning. Stunning scenery, easy access from all over London and voted London’s happiest place to be. (And train)

Buccleuch Gardens:

A Richmond Riverside garden that runs along the river offering a beautiful peaceful area to train which is surrounded by all of the river’s nature.

Ham Common:

A quiet , beautiful,  peaceful area with plenty of space. Ideal for travelling to from areas like Kingston or Richmond with plenty of parking. A flat area and very private. Ideal if you have a car.

Richmond Park:

A world-renowned royal park which overlooks London. Brimming with natural wildlife including deer and water fowl. Free available parking, cafes and plantations to visit after training.

Richmond Green:

Situated a 1 minute walk from Richmond high street, this easily accessible, beautiful open area is idea for clients needing transport links.

Old Deer Park:

A beautiful open area offering shade and views of the river. Complete with free parking, a nearby pool and located next to the A316 and Richmond High Street.

Niall O'Boyle Personal Trainer

Let's work together

My personal training in Richmond is a bespoke service. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what background you come from and how big or small your goals might seem. I have a passion for fitness and health and want to share my knowledge and experience in this industry with likeminded people who want to learn and be guided to better their wellbeing. My clientele spans a large demographic, from new mothers and teenagers to those training for the police. If you want to improve your wellbeing, then you can count on me.

My personal training services are always tailored to the individual client. Whether you opt for the 1-to-1 programme, group sessions or both, I will work closely with you to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Additionally, I also offer one-off nutritional advice and tailor-made meal plans.

Whichever service you choose, I look forward to supporting you to better your wellbeing.

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