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We’ve been celebrating UK Bike Week, so let’s find you a Personal Trainer in Teddington to get you inspired

Let’s explore how a personal trainer in Teddington can help you get on your bike this June. 

Niall O’Boyle is a committed personal trainer in Teddington helping the community to realise their fitness goals with tailor-made fitness and nutrition plans.

This month, we’ve been focussing on ways to improve your fitness levels by getting on your bike for UK Bike Week. With over ten years of experience, Niall fitness has trained a range of clientele as a personal trainer in Teddington. From new mothers to paratroopers, cycling can offer a universal approach to fitness. Let’s explore the ways you can take part this June:

  • Start logging your rides – there are various apps you can use to log the distance and speed of your cycling escapades and it encourages others to get on their bikes too. As a personal trainer in Teddington, Niall recommends Strava so you connect with friends and compete on the furthest distance!
  • Organise a ride – Get in touch with Niall, your personal trainer in Teddington and organise a group ride, it could be a one off to raise money for charity or a regular weekly team cycle.
  • Get your workplace involved – Many businesses offer a ‘cycle to work’ scheme which can have huge health benefits for their employees as well as making them more productive!
  • Try something new – if you’ve never really cycled before then it can be daunting to try it out for the first time. Contact your personal trainer in Teddington, Niall and he’ll be happy to offer some advice of where to begin on your cycling journey.

Exploring the world of cycling is a great way to implement a regular exercise programme and with the help of our Personal Trainer in Teddington, Niall can support you every step of the way:

●      Experienced personal trainer in Teddington working with all fitness abilities

●      Offering flexible hours and locations, so we can help you be at your best, when it’s best for you

Fitness Training Session

Our personal training is also available for group sessions, which is perfect for cycling activities this month. Why not join others searching for a personal trainer in Teddington and step into your fitness journey together. However if you’re on a sole mission, then our 1:1 services offer bespoke fitness plans completely tailor made for each individual.

When coming across Niall Fitness on your search for a personal trainer in Teddington, you may also have come across our clients testimonials that we are proud to share. 

This client totally tranformed, keeping to a new diet, mindset and immense work ethic and is now modelling.

Couldn’t recommend Niall enough, paved the way for me and my fitness lifestyle! Down to earth, friendly and great understanding with people which got the best out of me starting my fitness journey.

Ronan Kilkelly

Still not sure if a personal trainer in Teddington is for you? Read more of our testimonials for inspiration.

We always find it best to have a chat on the phone or meet for a coffee to discuss the ideal plan for you. If you would like to contact Niall as your personal trainer in Teddington, visit our contact page. 

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