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Dry January health benefits

Advice from your personal training Kingston professional

Before you scoff at the idea of giving up booze for January, over 6.5 million people managed it in 2021 and your abstinence can have long-term benefits on your health (particularly if you’re doing it alongside personal training in Kingston)!

Aiding weight loss

Ditching the additional calories that alcohol and mixers can provide is a surefire way of shedding some pounds this new year, alongside a healthy exercise programme with personal training in Kingston.

Lower blood pressure

A study showed that a month without alcohol can reduce your blood pressure by around 5%, so imagine what it would do if you gave it up for good?

Drinking behaviour

As part of our personal training in Kingston, we offer advice around healthy lifestyle choices and nutrition. Dry January gives participants the opportunity to review their relationship with alcohol and break potential harmful habits.

Mental health

Alcohol is a chemical which can increase cortisol (also known as the stress hormone) and it mimics the effects of anxiety. Reducing your alcohol intake coupled with an exercise and nutrition programme from our personal training in Kingston will improve your mental health over time.

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