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Bread: White Sourdough is Best!

By Niall O'Boyle
Tuesday, May 12, 2020



For a long time now, wehave been told again and again that bread is a food group to steer clear from, especially white bread! Therefore many of us have since switched to wholemeal with a lot of us choosing to cut it out altogether.

In actual fact, brown or wholegrain bread is even worse; when the grain is milled, all of the grain is included, together with the outer shell, which contains natural poisons that can cause us mulitple digestive problems.

White bread doesnt contain this shell, which means it contains less poisons.

White sourdough is better still! It contains less sugar, less lectins, is naturally made with very few ingredients and tastes great!

'Would it surprise you to learn that sourdough bread, made by fermenting wheat with bacteria and yeast consistently ranks as one of the safest and least injurious breads, in terms of blood sugar spikes? The bacteria and yeast together 'eat' the lectins [natural poisons in grains] and a good deal of the sugars! And guess what? In France and Italy, where bread is produced by traditional yeast-rising techniques, almost all the bread is white, not wholewheat'.

Another reason to avoid any grain or wheat-based snack products that has a sell by date that isnt the date it was manufactured, 'is that the product for sure contains BHT (Butyl Hydroxy Tolluene) or another simular deadly preservative.' 

What is BHT?

'BHT is a major...hormone disrupter acting like estrogen; this is the last thing in the world you want your kids to be consuming, because estrogen promotes fat storage; it also promotes early puberty in girls and 'boobs' on seven year-old boys...[it] is also used in embalming fluid among other commercial uses'.

Credit to: Steven R. Gundry, MD Plant Paradox

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