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Niall Fitness - Personal trainer & Nutritionist

Niall O'Boyle

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist


Take a look at the excellent feedback from our clients and what has been
achieved working together on their health and fitness.

Headmistress who always strives to take time out of her busy schedule for her health

Had lots of fun. Hard work and good exercises and instruction.
Thank you Niall.

Moira Gilbert

Adrian is a rugby player and coach

I've worked with Niall numerous times over recent years both in group sessions and one to one and always found him to be both knowledgeable, motivational and understanding of your training requirements, whether its just to lose a few pounds or tone and increase your general fitness. Always able to mix up the training and push you to achieve realistic results whatever your required goal. Definitely recommend his classes or personal training.

Adrian Forde

Sporty, young couple who wanted to perfect their workout and dietary routine

Great trainer really puts the work in to make the best tailored routine. I play a lot of football and my Partner is a dancer and he has been able to make specific work outs for each of us, and help us with our diet.

Nate Beardon and Jessica Dominguez

A lady travelling around Asia and making the most of our Live Online Training option

Niall has always been a fantastic trainer. I have trained with him for about 3 months now and started whilst I was living in the UK. I have now moved overseas to work and travel remotely, Niall has given me a really fantastic exercise and diet plans to support my new lifestyle. This has allowed me to keep up my momentum. The plan I have has been tailor-made and is perfect for me. He has also been chasing to check my progress which is always encouraging and motivating. Thank you so much Niall. I look forward to our next catch up  :) I highly recommend!

Michelle Evans

A young mum getting rid of the baby bump recommends Niall's Bootcamp.

Thank you so much for helping me to achieve my pre baby body. I love how you helped me to work on the exact area that I wanted to get rid of & how you push me but also read the situation if I was struggling a little. Just wish I hadn’t moved away from you so that you could help continue to keep me motivated. I need a session let me know when you are doing video work outs. I am ready. Love also your commitment to making sure I have all the nutritional advice.

Kerry Ní Piotáin

A busy waitress wanting to start training from the beginning who ended up completing a triathlon - recommends Niall's Bootcamp.

I did personal training with Niall. I was a year or so out of any exercise. He started from the start with me and was always onside with training me. I was a lost cause, but by the end of it I did a starter sprint triathlon.

I know other people he has trained of a higher fitness level and he developed plans to suit more high pressure training, dietary advice and basic lifestyle advice.
His strong point is his personal treatment of any client. He has good judgement of where to lead anyone.

Kate Galloway

A lady wanting the full fitness and nutritional programme recommends Niall's Bootcamp.

Niall's ability to motivate you out of your comfort zone and his holistic approach to training and nutrition is what makes him stand out from the crowd!! Most importantly he focuses on getting you results and I certainly got the results I wanted by following his guidance. What I found really beneficial was that as well as exercise he also helps with lifestyle changes and he is very knowledgeable on nutrition. He is very professional but also has the personal touch and cares about his client’s success. And In my case the most important thing works!!!

Mary Sugrue

A fellow nutrition and fitness enthusiast recommends Niall's Bootcamp.

Niall is great at working with you at your ability level. In no time you find you are able to push beyond that level, improve and reach positive goals

Ona Zamiska

A truly dedicated ex-client from Ireland, who focussed on training despite her extremely busy lifestyle, recommends Niall's Bootcamp.

Niall was a wonderful personal trainer to me for a few years. I found him an inspiration. He gave me discipline in keeping up my fitness level. He was patient, driven and pushed me out of my comfort zone. He was a massive, positive motivation in my life and is greatly missed in my life since he left Ireland. I would highly recommend Niall. If you need to kick start your fitness, get positive energy in your life, go to Niall.

Sarah Kaye Harty

A regular at our Bootcamp groups in Ireland. Reviewed Niall's Bootcamp – 5 star

I have been doing bootcamp with Niall on and off for the past 10 years.
His classes are great! After 3 weeks being back I am already seeing and feeling changes in my body shape!

Each week seems to get a bit easier as I get fitter and Niall pushes me a little more.
My favourite thing about the class is that it absolutely flies by! The hour is done in no time; he keeps us moving and only does 20-30 secondsish on each station. It’s great!
Highly recommend.

It’s also very suitable for anyone and everyone as he will make recommendations along the way depending on your abilities.

Saoirse Síle Ní Shlattara

Mum of three and regular at Boot camp classes as well as training independently recommends Niall's Bootcamp.

Would highly recommend Niall’s Bootcamp .Tailored made work out’s to suit all abilities, great advice on food and nutrition.

Karen Naughton

A married couple who trained together at home with Niall and also took advantage of the Live Online Training option when  away on business recommends Niall's Bootcamp.

My husband and I did personal training with Niall and it was a great investment in our health. Niall is a very nice, knowledgeable and interesting guy. I can honestly say he made the workouts really enjoyable. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!

Irene Jordan

A busy worker who struggled with migraines seeking fitness and nutritional advice recommends Niall's Bootcamp.

Niall was a hugely positive influence for me when we trained together. I got fitter, stronger, healthier and happier! He also gave me really great nutritional advice and always suggested tips to improve my health. He's very generous with his time and expertise and would always fit me in to his busy schedule. Continued success to you in London Niall!

Ronnie Giblin

A fellow local business man and supporter of entrepreneurs shared...

If you are in the West London area, there is only one personal trainer, and that's the excellent Niall P O'Boyle.

Niall is not only a personal trainer, but a nutritionist too, so he not only gets you fit, but will advise you on what, or what not, to eat and drink.

Do get in touch with him, as you will not be disappointed!

Paul Smith

A local business woman who has fought through health issues by making positive changes to her lifestyle!

What a day so far... a personal training session with the hugely talented Niall O’Boyle in the stunning Isabella plantation at Richmond Park.

Who would have thought 14 years ago I struggled to stand up, slept 20 hours a day & life was not great! Hugely grateful to have my life back!

Steph Sullivan

A regular client at fitness classes

Niall's boot camp classes are excellent, he pushes you to the best of your ability and you feel great after the workout. Would highly recommend.

Aoife McMahon, 7th June 2018

A client who showed great determination in losing weight and pushed for great results

Niall's classes are excellent, you are taught correct form and always pushed to achieve your best based on your ability. Fun fitness with definite results.

Catherine Jordan

Paratrouper who trained with me to pass his fitness test.

I can't recommend Niall enough.

I spent several months training with him, with the aim of becoming fit for the Military. He trained with me 2 - 3 days a week and orchestrated my change from an unfit 100kg rugby player into an 80kg long distance runner.

But aside from the physical training, Niall was a tremendous source of nutritional knowledge, a great support in terms of mental preparation and above all a fantastic motivator as he ran with me.
I definitely suggest him to anyone, but especially those hoping to join the military looking for a fitness coach, as they get more than just a physical trainer, he will become a friend.

Jason Harney

A young software designer who developed a passion for boxing and overall fitness..

When I decided to change my lifestyle I had no idea where to start, Niall was the first person I called. He cleared up all the B.S you hear when trying to get fit and put me on a plan that was easy to follow and fuelled my new passion for fitness. I lost weight and gained muscle mass, this is the fittest I have ever been in my entire life. If like me you are not into sports or never had an interest in active hobbies but wish to get healthier, Niall is the way to go. All my physical achievements to date are thanks to Niall. Wish you all the best in London.

Enda Brody

This client totally tranformed, keeping to a new diet, mindset and immense work ethic and is now modelling.

Couldn’t recommend Niall enough, paved the way for me and my fitness lifestyle! Down to earth, friendly and great understanding with people which got the best out of me starting my fitness journey.

Ronan Kilkelly

A local freelance masseuse who wanted to start her days with a workout.

Niall has given me personal training sessions over the past few weeks to give me a much needed boost back in to exercise and it’s worked! He is fantastic with his advice, exercise techniques and ensuring you’re doing the right amount of work depending on your circumstances. A lovely guy, fun, professional, knowledgeable and a good bloke!

Louise Wild

A lady seeking advice about better nutrition.

Before I met Niall, because of my busy life-style, I used to eat lots of processed food for convenience. Niall advised of the health issues that arise from not eating properly. Plus simple things like whole milk being better than skimmed, benefits of certain foods with pro-biotics, etc. etc. For the last few weeks, I have adhered to his dietry advice and am starting to feel much healthier. He has since persuaded me to also stop smoking. I am on day 3 and he is supporting me when I get "weak" moments. He is very passionate about what he preaches and this is only part of his training schedule which is mainly as a Personal Trainer. I intend to also participate in this at some time in the near future.

Lyn McQueene